Monday, June 29, 2009

A medieval feast by mail

I love anything medieval, really anything! Music, art, fashion, history, culture, folklore and food. So when I was offered the chance to exhange medieval recipes with other people from around the world, well needless to say, I jumped at the opportunity right away.
The challenge called for 3 medieval or medieval inspired recipes, one bag of herbs or spice and last but not least, one or more items that to you represent cooking and feasting.
The last item could be anything from napkin rings, to an ATC with a cooking theme, so the possibilities were many.

I quickly decided to send my favorite medieval recipes, on Filled Pancakes and Chickenballs, along with them I'm sending a recipe for Elderberry wine, not so authentic, but it's really great.
My husband and I served this paticular elderberry wine for our medieval wedding, as a welcome drink.

The Filled pancakes we served as a dessert with homemade cinnamon icecream on the side *mmmm yum*
The chickenballs are my husbands favorite dish, he goes all crazy over them and tells me he love me, many times, when I make them ;)

The spice I'm sending along with the recipes are some of my husbands homemade medieval herb salt, we call it wedding salt as this paticular salt and herb mix was made the first time for our wedding.
The salt used is danish smoked salt made after authentic methods and is a real treat in it self.

So that leaves us with the item/s that for me represents cooking and feasting.
In my book, a good (medieval) feast starts with the atmosphere and a well dressed table to really set the mood, so I'm sending two medieval ceramic cups made after original medieval findings. These cups are made in a danish town called Horsens, where there every year is a huge medieval festival, actually it's Europes biggest.
I just hope that they will arrive unbroken and unharmed.

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