Monday, July 27, 2009

Buddha Shrine

This month I made a personal shrine to a buddhist in the UK, It was great fun and I learned alot about buddhisme that I didn't know before.
I started out with a plain wooden trinket display box (from Netto) that I shined up a bit with some gold paint and that I later aged.
To the bottom I added a thick base made from several pieces of cardboard, that I gave the same treatment af the upperhalf.

To the back of the small display selfs I added pictures and images of random Buddha and asian niceness, taken from travel magazines.
I also glued buttons, metal findings, silk flowers, mother of pearl disk, coins and I made a Buddha head out of plaster, in one of my candle molds and used it as a center piece.

To put on the cardboard base, I made a small candle holder and an incense stick holder, so the shrines user can use it during meditation or for incense offerings.

Beneath the shrine I hung an old prayer bell from Tibet, just to finnish the shrine off.

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