Saturday, June 20, 2009

My first matchbox shrine

So... matchbox shrines is a whole new thing for me, never made one before and have only seen a single one live (Thanks to the talented Drachenfrau on swap-bot)
But when I came across the "Coffin matchbox shrine" swap in one of my groups on Swap-bot, I knew that I had to join it, it just sounded too cool to miss.

So I have thrown myself in to this, for me new, craft and given it everything I got. Just hope my partner is going to like it.

As My partner really likes vampire, I decided that the creature that i made a shrine to of course should be a vampire.

I decorated the inside of the shrine with a small picture of the coffin owner, metal findings, crystals and a small candle holder with a polymer clay candle in it.
The matchbox is made to open up in the middle of the front and has a coffin shape added to it, that closes with metal brads in a corset style binding.
Becourse of the added coffin shape being longer then the matchbox it self, I decided to make it into an ornament with a black chiffon ribbon at the top.

Being my fist and all, I am pretty satisfied with it :)

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