Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Moon shrine

This was actually a shrine made by a girl in the US and sent to me in a swap.
But when it arrived it turned out not to be exactly my cup of tea, but I really liked the basic idea, so I changed the over all look a bit.
I really hope she can forgive me and will not be too mad.
But I figured, when it's a shrine, which is such a personal and spiritual thing, then I really wanted it to reflect me and who I am.

I really liked the color of the shrine, so I decided to keep it, the mixed blues are really beautiful. The chalice ornament was to start with on the backside of the shrine and I decided to move it to the front, paint it silver (started out as yellow) and add an ornamental glass stone.
I also added an ornamental top frame to the front and added different stones.

I painted a full moon inside the shrine, and changed the half moons on the side from white to silver.
On the backside of the shrine was to start with, beside the wooden chalice, a white painted full moon, this I changed into a silver triple moon symbol.

Lastly I added small metal stars to the inside of the shrine and distressed the shrine with a silver ink pad.

Now I just need to figure out what to put in the shrine and where to place it..

Halloween matchbox

I have never made a filled matchbox before, but ever since I first saw one, I have been fascinated by how many items people seem too be able to fit into such a small space.
So making my first one was quite exiting and a bit of a challenge.

The matchbox was made for a swap in the HYR (Halloween year round) group on swapbot, so at least I had a cool theme to go with.

First i covered the the outside of the matchbox with some bright pumpkin orange paper and then I glued black pieces of ribbon on top, to get a raised stripy effect. I covered the whole thing with a clear gloss.
And on top of that I put a cute paper witches hat, that matched the colors.

The drawer of the matchbox i lined with black paper with silver skull and crossbones on it and then painted the rest black.

I filled the thing with a lot of cute and cool small items, actually I was a little disappointed, that I wasn't able to stuff many more thing into it.
But maybe practice makes perfect.