Friday, August 21, 2009

Looking forward to halloween

Halloween, or Samhain, is one of my favorite holidays, though it's not that widespread or common here in Denmark where I live.
You are not able to buy as many halloween related ornaments, decoration etc here as you are in the US.
So I make alot of it myself.

These candle fronts I made many years ago, they are made of fairly thin black paper, so at the moment I'm trying to figure out how I could make stronger versions.
Should I just use thick black cardboard, should I try to laminate them or maybe cover them with sticky-back plastic? And would the plastic melt easily? Any ideas? Anybody?

Well I will probably experiment a bit, until I find a suitable solution.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Medieval bell anklet

After loosing my first medieval bell anklet years ago, I have been looking for a new one that I liked, but never found one.

So after visiting The Medieval Week in Visby, Gotland, I decided to make my own. Because even with all those many sellers from around the world, I did not find one that I really liked.

So at the market I bought a good handful of ornamental brass bells and some round brown leather cord.
When I got home I went on a hunt for a brown thick leather belt in the local thriftstores and found one that I really liked :)

And today I put the items together and got a nice raw bell anklet, that I really love and cant wait to use!

So next medieval concert, market, party or what ever, I will be making alot of noise :D

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Moon alchemy kit

Finally I got the last parts of the Moon Alchemy Kit done and sent out, it turned out really good and I am very proud of the result. I must admit that I had a hard time parting with it :)

The kit ended up containing a handdrawn poster poster of moon properties, a leather notebook filled with facts about the moon and alchemy, a hand drawn moon tarot card, a bag of linden flowers, several small moon related items, amulets, charms, seeds, ribbon etc and a lined hand sewn bag, where everything fitted into.

The leather book is one I bought, each page is aged with watercolors and contains several chapters with such subjects as moon symbols, celtic tree moons, recipes and more.

All of the small moon related items have matching handmade envelopes, sealed with wax.
The small items are:
1: Black ribbon
2: Blue ribbon
3: Moon ribbon
4: Handmade egyptian cat amulet
5: Handmade egyptian hare amulet
6: Moon charm
7: Poppy seeds
8: Glass moon bead
9: White crystal
10: Moon stone

I was a little afraid that the kit ended up being way to pagany, but my partner liked the kit alot.