Sunday, February 21, 2010

Goddess Belt Purse

A couple of weeks ago I received a pretty green goddess doll in a swap and because of her cute little size I decided to use her for something other then an ornament, as she was intended.

I love the color of her and decided to make a belt bag/purse to match her.

I wanted a patchwork bag and went on the look out for pretty green fabrics, I had some in my stash and found some nice place mats in the local thrift store that I gutted.

I have never done patchwork before and I guess it takes some practice to get it straight, but it turned out acceptable.

The pattern is a slightly altered medieval merchant pouch pattern, I made it bigger and made the front flap a different shape.

The whole thing is lined with white linden and quite sturdy.

The drawstring is handmade on a lucet with green wool yarn.

The front flap holds the goddess doll and is decorated with chain stitches, beads and a single tassel (lately I have used quite a few tassels)

I really like then end result and cant wait for warmer weather, so I can wear it with a pretty skirt.