Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Halloween matchbox

I have never made a filled matchbox before, but ever since I first saw one, I have been fascinated by how many items people seem too be able to fit into such a small space.
So making my first one was quite exiting and a bit of a challenge.

The matchbox was made for a swap in the HYR (Halloween year round) group on swapbot, so at least I had a cool theme to go with.

First i covered the the outside of the matchbox with some bright pumpkin orange paper and then I glued black pieces of ribbon on top, to get a raised stripy effect. I covered the whole thing with a clear gloss.
And on top of that I put a cute paper witches hat, that matched the colors.

The drawer of the matchbox i lined with black paper with silver skull and crossbones on it and then painted the rest black.

I filled the thing with a lot of cute and cool small items, actually I was a little disappointed, that I wasn't able to stuff many more thing into it.
But maybe practice makes perfect.

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