Monday, January 9, 2012

My first set of runes

So I have made my first set of runes, and they actually turned out well.

I made them out of white clay, I pressed the rune symbol into the clay and glazed the symbol itself with a light green paint-on glaze.
The rest of the clay is without glaze and has a nice rough feel to it.

I plan on making more sets, I have already started another set of white clay ones, these will have another colour of glaze, but I have not decided what colour yet. Maybe blue, maybe red.
There is a set in red clay on the drawing board, with black or brown glazing.

For this set there is only one thing left to do, make a nice bag.
I have already gotten the fabric for it, a nice dark green wool, that will be lined with a soft white linen.
Maybe I will do some embroidery on the bag, but I have not figured out what motif yet.

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